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Metered Energy Holdings

Metered Energy Holdings (MEH) has been in operation since February 2004, forming a short time after the deregulation of the energy supply industry within Queensland. MEH is a 100% Australian owned and operated organisation that employs a team of full-time professional and experienced staff to provide the best possible service to their customers.

Metered Energy Holdings aims to provide essential energy services at a reasonable and competitive rate, whilst maintaining a professional level of service and support to their customers.

Owner and founder, Greg Hutley, comes from a background of commercial and industrial electrical contracting, servicing the construction industry. With this background and experience, Greg was able to offer a means of providing utility solutions to new construction sites. Metered Energy Holdings began servicing South-East Queensland and has now grown to cater for the energy needs of properties in other regions in the state of Queensland. Metered Energy Holdings is part of a larger group of companies with an annual turnover in excess of $100 million servicing the construction industry since 1992.

Your assigned Services Consultant can be contacted directly for problem resolution, advice and service. This support of our client base adds a personal touch not found in other companies, and one that our customers have come to value and trust. This emphasis on building good working relationships has earned us a reputation in the utility supply industry and consequently led to strong growth in recent years.






Our Services Consultants know your building and pride themselves on developing good working relationships. You can be confident that when you need help, you can directly access your Services Consultant for a speedy resolution. When planning utility supply for a building, we endeavour to specify the most economical and environmentally responsible solution that suits that building. We keep up with the latest advances in technology to ensure that your utility solution has the best operating efficiency. We have invested heavily in technology to ensure the billing systems are efficient, accurate and provide easy to read and fully transparent invoicing to the individual subscribers.

Utility Solutions for New & Existing Buildings

We keep up with the latest technology from the market's leading suppliers to ensure that we can specify a solution that provides the best operating efficiency, whilst delivering the best outcomes for our environment at the same time. We endeavour to provide the best energy solution for your building.  We take the time to ensure that the energy solution we propose is the best one for your project's individual needs.

We appoint a Services Consultant from our staff to personally manage the utility services in your building. We will get to know your building managers as well as the residents themselves.

Body Corporate & Building Managers

Our Services Consultants know your building, your energy equipment and you will get to know them as they visit for regular meter readings, maintenance etc. We pride ourselves on maintaining good working relationships with building managers and bodies corporate.

MEH provides one easy to read and understand invoice for all utility services provided which includes a comparison to last period and the building average. The MEH helpdesk is staffed by friendly people who know your building and are eager to help. The help desk is available during normal business hours or will respond to your email within 24 hours.


MEH will meter your building to suit your individual & body corporate requirements. This allows the user-pays principle to be accurately implemented. MEH will ensure each user is accurately billed on consumption.

Hot Water

MEH will provide & maintain the hot water plant ensuring each consumer is metered individually to provide accurate billing against consumption. Hot water plant is engineered to provide constant hot water suitable to the building's demands.


Gas is also billed on a user pays system. Large users are metered & charged by the megajoule. Single-point appliances such as cooktops are billed under the UMA structure for ease & cost effectiveness.

Chilled Water

Chilled water is billed in accordance with consumption & energy used.

Customised Services

Should your building require customised metering or billing for a unique service that is periodically levied on the consumer, this can be an added service which is included on the one regular bill.